public safety

While we’ve made great strides in this area, violence continues across the city of Springfield.  We need to more efficiently and creatively use our police force. C3 policing should be a part of the police academy’s core curriculum and be implemented in every neighborhood of the city.

MGM Casino

With the addition of MGM Casino to the Springfield skyline, I’ll work to make sure promises made are promises kept. I’ll work to hold MGM Springfield accountable for their efforts to add police, jobs for Springfield residents, and market-rate housing built with union labor. Additionally, I’ll work to redistribute casino-based economic gains back to every neighborhood in the city.

springfield's economy 

The economic success of Springfield depends on the influx of new and big businesses to increase jobs, city offerings, and talent. I’ll work to make sure our city is attractive to businesses with fair economic incentives. That said, I’ll also work to make sure each and every one of these businesses is held accountable to fair wages, public health protocols, and more.

public schools

Springfield public schools are at the forefront of the future of our city. As a City Councillor, I will collaborate with the School Committee by making sure there is a strong budget for our schools.  Our teachers need to be empowered with the tools and technology to teach.


I was very fortunate growing up to be able to learn how to play a musical instrument and sing through the music program in the Holyoke Public Schools.  An education in the arts is eye opening to everyone, and most would agree that we all appreciate a great song or picture.  However, the arts and music programs are being stripped from public school budgets, leaving only children of means able to learn such wonderful things as instrumental music and chorus.  I’ll fight hard to ensure we seek grant funding to not only keep the arts alive in our schools, but accessible to everyone in Springfield.

the vision and passion to serve

Above all, I see the opportunity to serve on the City Council as an opportunity to bring a new and fresh vision to Springfield politics. I’m driven by my passion, not a paycheck.