Your Neighborhood is Kelli’s Priority



Our commercial districts, schools, housing and recreational spaces should be developed or redeveloped in each neighborhood to be assets to our residents.


We must invest similar time, effort and dollars into our 17 neighborhoods as we do our Downtown.


Residents must feel safe in their neighborhoods. Open space, our streets, and our parks should be protected and preserved. If our Downtown can be made safer, so can the whole City.


City services such as waste removal, plowing, sidewalk & street repair, emergency response, and others need to be delivered timely and equally to each neighborhood.

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Kelli’s Commitment

“I will sponsor and support legislation that drives economic growth, supports small business development, improves services, and fosters the safety and well-being of every resident in this city.”

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About Kelli

Kelli has called Springfield her home since 2001 and believes that “all politics is local.” Her interest in the political process and her love of Springfield has motivated Kelli to seek a position on the City Council as a Councilor At-Large.




It's time we invest effort and resources equally in each of our City's 17 neighborhoods. Your neighborhood is my priority.




You have 5 choices. Choose candidates who are willing to collaborate and compromise. It's the only way to move forward. 




We are a diverse city. Let's stop the divisive politics and work together toward a better future for Springfield. 


Sheriff nick Cocchi

"Kelli is bringing Decision Makers, Opinion Makers, and Change Agents all together. That shows who's behind her."

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