Public Safety

While we’ve made great strides in this area, violence continues across the City of Springfield. We need to more efficiently and creatively use our police force. C3 policing should be a part of the police academy’s core curriculum and be implemented in every neighborhood of the City. I am strongly in favor of the proposed Police Commissioner/Civilian Oversight Board model.

Our 17 Neighborhoods

Each of the 17 neighborhoods in Springfield is unique and diverse, yet all share common ground. Every neighborhood should be safe, well-lit, and free from blight and/or poorly maintained streets and sidewalks. As I’ve walked through these neighborhoods, I’ve met first-time homebuyers as well as those who have lived 30 years or more in their home. Preserving our neighborhoods will be a priority for me, because residents deserve to feel proud of the place they call home.

The Tax Base

Simply stated, our tax base is too low to support a city the size of Springfield. Tax paying residents deserve the most from their tax dollars, which we aren’t able to provide due to the size of the tax base.  We need to take a wholesale look at how we can grow the tax base. It’s time to get creative now!

MGM Casino

MGM has played a significant role in the revitalization of our downtown. Their outreach within the community has also benefited several groups and organizations within Springfield. I’ll work to ensure that casino-based economic gains are redistributed to every neighborhood in the city. I will hold MGM accountable to all aspects of the City Host Agreement, which includes future investment in housing, jobs for Springfield residents, and additional police.

Springfield's Economy 

The economic success of Springfield depends upon the influx of new business, both large and small. We need to increase jobs and City offerings. I’ll work to make sure our City is attractive to businesses by providing fair economic incentives. That said, I’ll also work to make sure each of those businesses is held accountable to fair wage policies, public health protocols and more.

Public Schools

Springfield Public Schools are helping to develop the future of our City. As a City Councilor, I will collaborate with the School Committee whenever possible and advocate for a strong public school budget. Our teachers need to be empowered with the tools and technologies to reach our future generation of Springfield leaders.