The Republican newspaper endorses Kelli Moriarty-Finn for City Council At-Large, stating: "Financial experience is an asset for Moriarty-Finn, who is a senior project manager at an investment firm. She is also a community activist on many levels who speaks with conviction and authority on developing economic growth to expand the tax base and job opportunities.

Moriarty-Finn has articulated the need for "guarded optimism" that conveys positive messages about Springfield - without ignoring or denying the challenges unquestionably facing the city. This is a realistic and pragmatic approach to government."

October 9, 2017 Springfield City Council At-Large Candidate Debate

Recorded Live, This debate was moderated by Reminder Publication’s G. Michael Dobbs, with additional support from the Springfield Central Cultural District’s Morgan Drewniany, Western Mass Politics & Insight’s Matt Szafranski, and the Republican’s Elizabeth Roman.

Candidate Kelli Moriarty-Finn says voter apathy is a serious concern

This has been a very exciting election; one with no shortage of choices, whether it be in the City Council or School Committee races. Add to that the recent departure of Councilors Williams and Rooke, and Springfield voters find themselves with a unique opportunity to make some significant changes. 

“However, voter apathy in Springfield is a serious concern. In this non-mayoral election, less than 10 percent of registered voters are expected to vote. That in itself tells a story, and it’s not a good one.” The question is why?

Moriarty-Finn states, “I understand that voter turnout in non-mayoral election years is low, but every election cycle matters. I’ve been canvassing Springfield since April and have heard first-hand from many voters that they value their right and privilege to vote.  Conversely, I’ve met people who have told me their vote doesn’t matter, and that they’ll just take who’s elected.”

She continues, “Perhaps if we had more transparency and engagement from and with our elected officials, voter apathy would improve.” 

Moriarty-Finn goes on to say,  “I just don’t think people feel as though they’re part of the process. We need to improve the perception many have of local politics and this City as a whole. Local politicians need to become more connected with those they represent.” 

Lastly, Moriarty-Finn states, “It’s been a joy and honor being a candidate in this election.  Every candidate, whether for City Council or School Committee, has worked hard and put themselves in front of the public.  Their commitment to the city is evident. We must remember; the two most powerful tools we each own are our voice and our vote, so I’m asking every Springfield voter to get out to the polls on Tuesday, September 19th, and become part of the process.” 

State Sen. Eric Lesser brought his statewide whistle-stop tour to a close with a rally at Union Station in Springfield on Monday evening, drawing dozens of people who support linking Boston to Springfield with a high-speed rail line. Also in attendance were Jesse Lederman, Kelli Moriarty-Finn and Victor Davila, candidates for Springfield City Council. June 19, 2017.

"This is a community issue, and every citizen needs to say, let's get together and take back our streets."

Moriarty-Finn Launches with Eye on MGM, Public Safety (via Western Mass Politics and Insights) 

The steady drumbeat of the at-large Council race grew a bit louder with the formal kickoff of Kelli Moriarty-Finn’s campaign Tuesday evening.

"Springfield is my home by choice," said Moriarty-Finn, speaking to supporters at Nathan Bill's Bar and Restaurant on Island Pond Road. "I love my city, as do all of you, but Springfield can be so much better." via MassLive 

Kelli Moriarty-Finn, who works in financial services, declared her campaign Wednesday morning on the steps of City Hall surrounded by a group of supporters. In addition to setting a kickoff event in April, Moriarty-Finn has also taken a key step of registering with OCPF.