Kelli has been a citizen of Springfield since 2002 and Springfield is her home by choice.  Her love of local politics and the City of Springfield fuels her passion to serve as a City Councilor At-Large.

Kelli's Mission

An active Democrat, Kelli believes that Springfield is on the cusp of being recognized as the place to be, and she is qualified to lead on the City Council to champion that evolution.  Increased Public Safety, residency for city employees and quality of life issues are at the core of her candidacy.  Every citizen in Springfield deserves to be safe, and have elected officials who listen to them and take action.  Kelli’s work on the city’s Community Police Relations Committee is evidence that she will work on Springfield’s behalf to make that happen.

Utilizing her 25 year career in the finance industry, Kelli is no stranger to large-scale budgets and resource management and will advocate for sound city fiscal responsibility.  As a former member of the Classical High School Condominium Board of Trustees and current Clerk of the Atwater Park Civic Association, Kelli understands the importance of each community within the city, and will, if elected, hold quarterly town hall meetings to ensure that her listening to Springfield citizens does not end on election day.

Originally from Holyoke, Kelli is a product of the Holyoke Public Schools and earned a BA in Political Science and Philosophy from Wheaton College in Norton, MA.